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Robert Steijn

Robert Steijn (1958), based in Amsterdam and Mexico City as a choreographer, director, dramaturge, performer and writer.

He founded together with Frans Poelstra the company United Sorry, which has been based in Vienna, they made work for theatres, galleries and the public space.Their latest projects were the location event “The forest project” during Steirische Herbst Festival 2014 and the concertperformance “No nothing” (Vienna 2015).

He made two solo performances in the format of lecture performances, as  “Facing the invisíble” about the death of his father (Premiere Barcelona 2003) and “A reborn smoker ( Premiere San Francisco 2010)”, a dance solo testing the magic beliefs of himself and the audience based on shamanic strategies. Now he develops a snake dance solo, called “Shedding skins” and teaches this solo to others. (Premiere nadaLokal Vienna, December 2016)

He likes to work in duet form with other choreographers from different backgrounds. He worked with choreographers as Latifa Labissi (Rennes), Anne Teresa de Keersemaeker (Rosas/Brussels), Maria Hassabi (New York), Georg Blaschke (Vienna), Christina Rizzo (Bologna)and Laura Rios (Mexico City). He worked with the choreographer Jessica Huber in Zürich in a project called “Holding it together” (2015). 
At this moment he is working on the intimacy of being human, he made a duet duet with the Mexican choreographer Ricardo Rubio, called “Prelude on love” that premiered in Sao Paolo in November 2015. He made a duet with Angela Schubot, called “Brothers” that premiered in February 2017 in Berlin. In Mexico he developed an artist gathering around the violence in society, called ”Facing the smell of death “(Mexico City, Guernavaca, Chihuahua). In 2017 he is artist in residence in the research institute for dance and performing arts Ceprodac/ Mexico City.

His new project with Ricardo Rubio is called “Loverhood” and will be develeoped in different cities in the world, starting in Buenos Aires (March 2018)

Within the field of visual art he worked with a.o. Frans Poelstra ( a.o. Lentosmuseum Linz, Fondation Cartier in Paris) and Christine Laquette (at Pioneers in New York)

He teaches at theatre-art and dance academies: a.o the SNDO in Amsterdam, p.a.r.t.s in Brussels, Apass in Brussels, Doch in Stockholm, Impulstanz Vienna.

BROTHERS 28 + 29 Sep 2017