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United Puppets

Zinnober in der grauen Stadt

Theatre for kids aged 4 - 9 and adults

SA 8.12. + SO 9.12. / 16:00 Uhr
Followed by painting in the foyer

Kids 5 EURO
Adults Joint Price System 14 / 10 / 7 EURO; 3 EURO Bremen Pass.
Tickethotline 520 80 70 or ticket@schwankhalle.de. Box office from 1 hour before performance starts.

Can you imagine living in a city where everything is gray? That’s what the city is like in which the painter Zinnober lives. But he loves colors! He has to hide his longing, because people in the city have grown accustomed to gray, until he meets the children Jonas and Paula. They are full of enthusiasm for blue, red, green, purple, yellow, orange—in all shades! Then something unheard-of takes place! Using old and new media, the piece after the children’s book classic “Zinnober in der grauen Stadt” (1973) by Margret Rettich shows how the joy of painting can become a source of creative thought in an urban environment.

DIRECTION   Mario Hohmann
GAME   Melanie Sowa & Philipp Michael Börner
COSTUMES   Hohmann/Sowa
MUSIC   Vredeber Albrecht
DIGITAL MEDIA   Stefano Trambusti
DRAMATURGY   Karola Marsch

Supported by the Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs.