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U.S. Girls



THU 15 Nov 2018
Let in 8 p.m. / Start 9 p.m.

15 Euro
Reservations 0421 540 80 70 or ticket@schwankhalle.de

It is now ten years ago that Meg Remy got hold of a 4-track recorder and a mike to record a number of spontaneous improvisations. The new album by U.S. Girls “In A Poem Unlimited” follows a political vision and raises the question:
Can you dance while thinking? Many of the songs are character studies of women who struggle with power, or develop strategies to gain power or diminish its impact. A number of musicians contributed to the new groovy sound. The songs were mostly produced with the help of The Cosmic Range, an instrumental collective from Toronto, Remy’s adopted hometown. Together they define each song anew, mixing improvised psych rock, jazz and energizing dance music, while never adhering to one specific genre.

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