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Bremer Verbrecherversammlung


Reading with Tom Uhlig & Ayesha Khan

TUE Sep 10 / 7.30 p.m.
In German Language


In the frame of the thematic focus ›Does Perspective Matter?‹

Tickets 5 EURO​

Identity politics have reached an impasse: Empowerment is reduced to gender asterisks and avoiding the N-word. Minorities are to be protected against possible harm everywhere – in university seminars, art and fashion, on the internet and at public events. The debate excludes all those who can’t underpin politics with being personally affected. Anyone who can’t keep up with the compulsory reading is out. Between defense and seclusion, the book ›Triggerwarnung‹ focuses on the pitfalls of identity politics and seeks alliances beyond recriminations and the competition between victims. For we must leave our comfort zones to counter rightwing populism!