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Klaus Theweleit




FRI Sep 4 / 7 p.m.
Event cancelled without replacement.

Moderation: Jessica Lütgens (Sozialpsychologin, Frankfurt)
External venue: ATS Buntentor Sportanlage (Zum Krähenberg 1)

5 EURO. Online tickets plus 1 EURO fee.
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40 years ago, Klaus Theweleit’s ›Männerphantasien‹ (Eng.: Male Fantasies, 1987) was published, a large study on the sexual, psychological and sociopolitical prehistory of National Socialism in the Weimar Republic. The work, which many regard as the start of critical men’s studies in Germany, has long become a classic, of violence studies as well. In light of the return of rightwing street terror and propaganda campaigns against freer sexualities – keyword: ›gender madness‹ – his analyses are much to urgent to archive the book on the shelf next to other greats works.

Klaus Theweleit provides insights into ›male fantasies‹, gives reasons why he wrote the book almost a half century ago and talks about what can be applied to the current conditions.

In the frame of the thematic focus TO DIE LIKE A MAN Sep/Oct 2020