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Theatre Workshop University of Applied Sciences Bremen

Macbeth. The Dark Factor


FRI 24 MAY / 8 p.m.
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SAT 25 MAY / SUN 26 MAY / MON 27 MAY / TUE 28 MAY / WED 29 MAY 8 p.m.

14 EURO / 9 EURO reduced (Reservations only under 0421 59 05 30 94)
Box Office opens 1 hour before performance starts.

The theater workshop of the university has taken up a classic of Elizabethan theater: the tragedy of the rise and fall of Macbeth. A youngster willing to assume responsibility encounters three Weird Sisters who prophesize a promotion and far-reaching power for him. When the promotion occurs, the haunting turns into a strategic and murderous guideline for a career. Macbeth rails against his fate, tries to control himself, and yet is ridden by greed, hate and the deep humiliation of not getting the recognition he thinks he deserves. So his path to an unrestrained killer is predestined: "Once you have waded in blood, it doesn't matter whether you return or go on…"