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TanzKollektivBremen & Ensemble New Babylon


TANZ Bremen 2017

SAT 18 MARCH 2017 9.30 pm
SUN 19 MARCH 2017 6 pm
neuer saal

SUN 19 MARCH followed by a discussion with the audience

15€, red. 10€

Every day we are exposed to and deal with our surroundings. We are bodies of resonance because we set ourselves in relation. What does the world in the one trigger in the world of the other? And how much resonance of another do I tolerate? Three contemporary dance choreographers from the TanzkollektivBremen meet three young composers from the Ensemble New Babylon. Tom Bünger and Riccardo Castagnola develop a joint theme revolving around remembering and forgetting. Magali Sander Fett, in turn, takes the graphical structure of Andreas Paparousos’ evolving composition as a starting point. With a background in acting, Kiri Haardt challenges the music of Alexander F. Müller and asks: We always have to react to each other – every minute. What happens if we don’t understand each other?

Ensemble New Babylon

Choreografie, Tanz/Komposition   Tomas Bünger/Riccardo Castagnola, Magali Sander Fett/Andreas Paprousos, Kiri Haardt/Alexander F. Müller
Dirigent   René Gulikers
Musiker   Ensemble New Babylon
Kostüme   Katja Fritzsche
Künstlerische Assistenz   Susan Barnett
Bühne   Till Botterweck
Technische Leitung   Jürgen Petersen
Produktion   TanzKollektivBremen/Ensemble New Babylon

Gefördert von klangpol (Netzwerk Neue Musik Nordwest), Reidemeister & Ulrichs Stiftung, Waldemar Koch Stiftung, Deutscher Musikrat, Sparkasse Bremen und dem Senator für Kuiltur Bremen