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Support for artists

The Schwankhalle is one of the residence venues of the national network flausen+ which was initiated by the theater wrede + in Oldenburg. For the funding program #TakeCareResidenzen, flausen+ cooperates with the Fonds Darstellende Künste. The program #TakeCareResidenzen is part of the #TakeThat measure package of the Fonds Darstellende Künste initiated in the frame of NEUSTART KULTUR, the future-oriented program for the cultural sector of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM). 29 theaters from almost all federal states support 350 artists as partners of the Fonds Darstellende Künste with the funds of #TakeCareResidenzen.

The aim of the funding is to secure the professional existence of freelance artists. The projects of artists and groups are supported by the residence venues, with the aim of enhancing the connections between artists and theaters. The funding offers space to explore new artistic working and production methods and test new formats in view of the corona epidemic. In the long run, these research endeavors can lead to productions that may also support the venues in a lasting way.


Artists being supported by Schwankhalle:

Christoph Ogiermann, Tim Schomacker, Martin Clausen ›Aller Tage (ATA ATA)‹
DEC 1 2020–JAN 31 2021

Tobias Malcharzik
›Ciocia, erzähl mir nicht von Erfolg, sondern von deinen Zweifeln‹
(›Ciocia, don’t tell me about success, but about your doubts‹)
DEC 14 2020–FEB 15 2021

Johanna Pätzold ›Mimikry‹ (AT)
– Phase 2: Unsichtbare Puppen bauen

(Building invisible puppets)
DEC 2020–JAN 2021

Birgit Freitag ›Wut: Körper/Wut : Ort/Wut : Gesellschaft‹ (›Anger: Body/Anger : Place/Anger : Society‹)
JAN 4–FEB 28 2021

Katharina Greeven, Esther Adam
›On (Dis-) Appearance‹

JAN–FEB 2021

Tomas Bünger ›Queerland?‹
JAN 15–MAR 15 2021

Doris Weinberger, Katrin Bretschneider ›ANTZ!‹
JAN 18–MAR 18 2021

Jan van Hasselt ›Die Maschine‹ 
(›The Machine‹)
FEB–MAR 2021


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Support for Artists

Support for Artists