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A film shooting along the fringes of Bremen

THU 5 May - SAT 21 May

The theater collective Mobile Albania makes a Bremen film! In an anachronistic bus, they set off on a trip along the borders of Bremen—to Bremerhaven and back to the Neustadt again. On the outskirts of the city, they encounter residents. What images can be seen there every day and which new ones do we discover? What does the city feel like from here? What do Borgfeld, Blockland, Weddewarden, Blumenthal, Tenever sound like and what perspectives can be found there? Do we go this way or that? The road movie takes detours and loses its way. And in a zigzag path portrays a city from its fringes.

For more than ten years, the theater collective Mobile Albania has been practicing a form of theater dedicated to the encounter with different people in creative situations. Since 2009 Mobile Albania has been traveling the continent of speed in different vehicles: streets, cities and regions in Germany and Europe. Mobile Albania operates as an open collective with various artists, amateurs and all with whom they collide in cities and streets.

From May 5 to 21, Mobile Albania's bus will be circling the city.
If you've always wanted to appear in a road movie, want to check it out up close, or just don't want to leave an encounter to chance, you can make an appointment by phone with Mobile Albania:

0152-03423472 – just call or Whatsapp to request to be added to the 'Mobile Albania_whatsgrapp' with updates & live location.
Mobile Albania also document their journey on the Instagram channel @mobilealbania_

Film premiere at the Schwankhalle on FRI 17 June / 8 pm