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Spoken-Word & Poetry Night

›One World Poetry Night: Do We Belong Here?‹


Catch-up dates planned in autumn 2021.

FRI MAY 15 / 7.30 pm

Black poets ask: What does a sense of belonging mean for me? The impulse to engage with this is provided by Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo from Berlin, a Black intersectional artist, poet, curator, multiplier, singer, activist, workshop team member, and photographer. Everything that Lahya does is both political and private, for her social realities as a Black, phat-is-beautiful, queer, disabled, neuro-diverse Femme of Color are reflected in her art, including her books ›Kalungas Kind‹ and ›Buchstabengefühle‹. At issue are privileges, healing, individual and collective vulnerability, and social responsibility.

An event hosted by Zukunft ist bunt.

Admission free, donations welcome (recommendation 5-10 Euro) for a project of ASFA International e.V. in Hamburg, which is building a school in a Gambian village. People with low income as well as refugees have free entrance.