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MARX 2018

Michael Rettig: Karl Marx ... die Verhältnisse zum Tanzen zwingen

Music Theatre


THU 5/31 8.30 p.m.
FRI 1 til SUN 6/3 8.30 p.m.

THU 5/31 following artist talk
FRI 6/1 6.30 p.m. ›Was soll das?‹ with students of HKS Ottersberg
SAT 6/2 following concert LATE NIGHT TIPS vol. IV

Joint price system 14/10/7 Euro, 3 Euro Bremen Pass
Tickethotline 520 80 70 oder ticket@schwankhalle.de

Marx proposed that one must “make the petrified conditions dance by playing them their own tune.” The Bremen-based theater-maker and musician Michael Rettig seeks to do so with text, movement and music. While one person engages with Marx’s “Capital” and animates the audience to take part and reflect, the other wanders across the stage as a shadow play of restless exploitation and endless accumulation. They are accompanied by the buzzing, chirping and droning of high-performance computers, and by Ulrike Herrmann, editor of the daily newspaper taz.

TEXT, DIRECTION  Michael Rettig
ACTING   Ralf Knapp
DANCE  Mirosław Żydowicz
MUSIC   Riccardo Castagnola

Supported by Senator für Kultur Bremen.
In cooperation with Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Bremen.