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›Kulturkampf von rechts‹

Panel Discussion

SAT Sep 9 / 7 p.m.
In the frame of the thematic focus ›Does Perspective Matter?‹

Admission free
Doors 18.30. Limited number of seats, early arrival recommended.

With Frank Oberhäußer (Turbo Pascal, Berlin), Amelie Deuflhard (Kampnagel Hamburg), Kriz Sahm (Zucker Netzwerk, Bremen) and Carina Book (Uni Hamburg)
Moderation: Henning Bleyl

Cultural actors and institution are faced with increasing far-right attacks, ranging from the inflationary use of interpellations by the AfD, to the provocations by the “Identitäre Bewegung”, all the way to bomb threats. The situation in Bremen may not yet be as bad as in other federal states, yet it is worth taking a closer look: We discuss the genesis and strategies of the culture war waged by the right and their effects on the cultural scene.

In cooperation with AfD Watch Bremen.
The supporting association of the Schwankhalle, Neugier e.V., reserves the right to exercise their owner’s powers and refuse those persons admittance to the event or exclude them from the event who are members of rightwing parties or organizations, who belong to the rightwing scene, who sympathize with it, or who in the past have expressed themselves or acted in a racist, nationalistic, anti-Semitic, or otherwise inhuman way.