sch wa nk hal le

i can be your translator

›Das Konzept bin ich‹

Music Theater


SAT Oct 12 / 8 p.m. + SUN Oct 13 / 7 p.m.
on SAT Oct 12 + audience talk 

In the frame of the thematic focus ›Does Perspective Matter?‹

Joint price system 14 / 10 / 7 EURO, Kids & Teens up to 18 5 EURO, Bremen Pass EURO. No further reductions.
Phone 0421 520 80 70 or ticket@schwankhalle.de
​Box office opens 1 hour before performance starts

The Nazis cynically used the term euthanasia, a gentle and easy death, to describe the murder program of persons not complying with the declared norm of health and productivity. The group I can be your translator has taken a twofold risk: By addressing this theme and by seriously attempting a collective and equal work process as an inclusive group.

For more than a year, they have researched the historical facts and ideological justifications of the murders, visited monuments and memorial sites, confronted themselves and entered into an emotional debate. The result provides room for joint mourning and commemoration, while at the same time returning time and again to the here and now of music theater in a humorous way.

Guest performance made possible by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK NPN through their support for theatrical guest performances, with funds from the representative for the arts, culture and media and the Ministries for the Arts and Culture of the states.

Funded by the Kulturbüro of the City of  Dortmund, the Fonds Soziokultur, the LAG NW, the Ministry of Science, Research, and Culture of North Rhine-Westphalia and the DEW21.