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Ensemble New Babylon



TUE 6.9.2017

Solidarisches Preissystem
14/10/7 EURO, 3 EURO Bremen Pass

›Huellas‹ (Spanish: footprints) is the German-Chilean-Argentinian attempt to question national identity through compositions: What does national belonging mean in the 21st century? What is German-, Chilean- or Argentinian-composed music? Can one negate one’s roots? And what is contemporary native music? With works by the Argentinian composers Marcos Franciosi (UA) and Natalia Solomonoff (UA), the Chilean composers Cristian Morales Ossio (UA), Pablo Vergara (UA), Christian Pedro Vásquez Miranda (UA), and Pedro Álvarez, as well as the German composers Alexander F. Müller (UA) and Brigitta Muntendorf.

Gefördert durch den Senator für Kultur Bremen und das Goethe Institut Deutschland

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