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Interne Unstimmigkeiten

SAT 11 JUNE 2016
2 - 7 pm

Entrance free

The screen has a side length of 3 meters, with a surface texture that scatters projected light, creating a very special spotlighting experience. In order to maximize the potential of this large indoor device, SYND:IKAT provide an original composition to their cube's illuminated visual show.
The audience is invited to take a seat beneath the artists. You can come an leave as you wish to. This unforgettable durational performance will change your life.

SYND:IKAT's formats explore new modes of interaction, through which people can meet eye-to-eye and and that enable to understand, use and change the shared spaces people inhabit. Instead of fitting into institutional models or formal conventions, SYND:IKAT create a innovative infrastructure for everybody.

Concept / Performance: SYND:IKAT (Martha Oelschläger / Julia Stina Schmidt)
A SYND:IKAT production, developed in the framework of the Artist Residency Aussetzen II at Schwankhalle. 

With the support of: Schwankhalle Bremen, ABC - Art Bremen Contemprary, Sveriges Konsulat för Performans-Artisternar i Utlandet, Ny Performans Institutet Stockholm, International Theatre Academy (ITA)

Special thanks to Bernhard Siebert.