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Özlem Özgül Dündar & Leyla Bektas

Flexen. Flâneurs Write Cities

Bremer Verbrecherversammlung

THU 13 JUN / 7:30 p.m.


Flex|en, das, - no plural: 1. abrasive cutting 2. bending 3. to have sex 4. varying the speed when rapping 5. tensing the muscles 6. flaunting one's muscles 7. sauntering

In 30 different texts with 30 different perspectives on cities, all written and experienced by women*, people of color or queer persons. Texts proving that "Flexen", "sauntering", must finally be taken seriously. The figures in the anthology roam through Berlin, Paris, Jakarta, Istanbul, and Mumbai. They relate, for example, how a woman with a baby buggy lives in the big city, how a woman experiences a large protest march in Dresden, how sauntering already means activism in India, how history inscribes Itself in a place. And occasionally the city itself becomes the figure.

Published by Özlem Özgül Dündar, Mia Göhring, Ronya Othmann, Lea Sauer

in Cooperation with Verbrecher Verlag