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The Dynamic Archive - Eva Meyer-Keller

›Scores of Matters‹

Lecture (EN) + audience talk

Thu Dec 12 / 7 p.m.

Admission free

The Schwankhalle is the partner of the interdisciplinary research project ›Das Dynamische Archiv‹ of the University of the Arts Bremen. The online platform based on ›open source‹ logic brings together tools and methods of selected artists willing to share them with others. Upon the invitation of the Schwankhalle, the choreographer Eva Meyer-Keller feeds a speculative and subjective glossary of 100 objects into ›Das Dynamische Archiv‹. The objects play a pivotal role in her performances: everyday things like apples, adhesive tape or tampons. As individual ›entries‹, they encapsulate historical as well as hallucinatory, mundane as well as philosophical narrations that branch out to form a complex system of references. As an archive within the archive, ›Scores of Matters‹ plays with unsuspected possibilities of (dis-/re-)orders of things whose status we believe to know.

Further informationen at www.thedynamicarchive.net

A project by the University of the Arts Bremen.

In cooperation with Schwankhalle, Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst Oldenburg and HEC IT-Engineering Bremen GmbH. Funded by the Senator for Science and Ports.