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Arbeit am Selbst

Tanz, Vortrag und Diskussion

SAT 10. SEPT 2016
18 - ca. 22.30 pm

Free Entrance

In 2009 the writer Juli Zeh envisioned a future health dictatorship in her novel ›Corpus Delicti‹. She painted the picture of a society that punishes any kind of deviation from the standardised healthy way of life. We haven’t reached that point yet, but the striving for perfection and productivity both in the world of work and the private sphere has long become a maxim. People keep themselves physically fit and practice relaxation techniques in order to work longer. To this end, one reads how-to books and uses fitness apps. The perfidious side of this ›work on oneself‹ is that we believe we are living our life in a self-determined way, although we are not least meeting the demands of capitalism.

This dilemma becomes the subject of artistic and scientific engagement. The Viennese choreographer Doris Uhlich and the Frankfurt-based sociologist Stefanie Duttweiler present various practices of ›working on oneself‹ and discuss these and other questions with the dance scholar Maren Witte: How can practices of self-optimisation be interpreted? How are social demands translated into individual self-techniques? And which forms of resistance are conceivable from a feminist point of view?