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Coq Au Vin

Die geheimnisvolle Truhe und die Zirkusmaus

Familyzirkus for adults and Kids from age 3 to 10

SAT 30.9.2017   4pm
SUN 1.10.   11am + 4pm

Family circus for adults and kids from age 3 to 10

Adults 5 EURO, Children 3 EURO

When adults laugh out loud and their kids scream with excitement, it is certainly because of the Berlin family circus Coq Au Vin, which is coming to Bremen for the first time and will tell the following story: The flea market dealer Lusche is in dire straits. He is almost bankrupt, and on top of that a cheeky and voracious “circus mouse” settles in with him. Catching the mouse causes great problems for Lusche. Time and again, the mouse escapes, but it finally falls into a trap. The children become accomplices of the mouse and help it get away.