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›Trip of a Lifetime‹


SUN Jun 28

Meeting point in the Foyer of the Schwankhalle

It is more likely to be struck dead by a falling coconut than to be eaten by a shark. ›Trip of a Lifetime‹ is a city tour committed to the quite improbable aim of encountering a specimen of the largest living mammal – the blue whale – in urban space. The whale serves as a metaphor of something unexpected, something sublime, something out of place – in short: of everything that could also exist in Bremen. By casting a fantastical view to reality, reality shifts. It is more likely to be eaten by a whale on the bank of the Weser than to be struck dead by a coconut.

A Zaungäste-project by and with: Judith Altmeyer, Martin Bien, Jacob Bussmann, Anna Dieren, Mamoru Iriguchi, Asja Mahgoub, Hanna Steinmair, Friderike Schmidt-Colinet, Marion Schneider, Philipp Schulte und Susanne Zaun.