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Sorgenfrei 1 (Carefree 1)

An artistic-scientific interim use April/May 2017 on the grounds of the Klinikum Bremen Mitte

The work group “Kunst als Forschung” (Art as Research) of the Junge Akademie and the Schwankhalle in co-operation with the Klinikum Bremen Mitte (KBM) organizing an interim use of a vacant residential building April til June 2017.
On the centrally located grounds of the KBM, a new building complex will be erected until 2018 for the large clinic that was founded in 1848 and has since then been expanded a number of times. On an adjacent area of 14 hectares that will become vacant during the course of the reconstruction, a new city district named Hulsberg-Viertel will be built featuring a mixture of residential and commercial buildings and green spaces. Up until reconstruction work begins, individual buildings on the grounds will be vacant until June 2017, before either being demolished and replaced by new buildings or refurbished, according to the development plan. One of these is the residential building with the address Sorgenfrei 1. It has around eleven rooms on four storeys and still bears the traces of the last occupants.

The project “Sorgenfrei 1” raises questions not only on the interrelationship between humans and space or the past and the future of a city district undergoing radical change, but also on the attendant stories, memories and meanings. The aim is to briefly pause before the far-reaching changes set in, and to elucidate the concerns, opportunities and utopias surrounding Sorgenfrei1. This is to be done independently of the specific construction project and take into account the multifaceted concept of “Sorge” (care) in the sense of precaution, self-care and welfare, sustenance and disposal, carefulness and carelessness.

A jury consisting of representatives of the co-operating institutions choosed four projects by interdisciplinary teams. In addition come local performer, musicians and artists:

Miriam Akkermann / Sandra SchüddekopfEva-Maria Baumeister, Katrin Bretschneider, Kristina Brons, Harm Coordes, Anne Eusterschulte / Rebekka Uhlig,  Shaotong He / Hasan Mashni,  HfK Bremen, Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen Ottersberg, KLANK, Johanna Pätzold, Spröde Lippen

Church of the Hand
Johanna Pätzold

Miriam Akkermann / Sandra Schüddekopf ›Senbazuru‹
Anne Eusterschulte / Rebekka Uhlig ›Sorgenanstalten‹
Eva-Maria Baumeister ›Trost den Untröstlichen‹
Katrin Bretschneider / Doris Weinberger ›Bitte kurz frei machen‹

Kristina Brons ›Sorgenfrei I – VI‹
Shaotong He / Hasan Mashni ›Surplus Value Management‹

Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen Ottersberg ›Hier wird gewohnt‹
Spröde Lippen ›Doppelhaus‹
KLANK MusikAktionsEnsemble ›Hausaufgabe‹
HfK Bremen - Edit Kaldor ›Lost deposit‹

A project of the Junge Akademie and the Schwankhalle Bremen in co-operation with the Klinikum Bremen Mitte