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Michael Rettig

Rosa Luxemburg

Tanztheater / Musik

THU 1 DEC 2016
7 pm
FRI 2 + SAT 3 DEC 2016
8.30 pm
old hall

SAT 3 DEC following audience talk

THU DEC 1 following 8 pm
›Beyond capitalism?!‹
Discussion with Gregor Gysi (Die Linke) and Gesine Schwan (Vorsitzende der SPD-Grundwertekommission). Moderation Elke Heyduck (Geschäftsführerin der Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen) Entrance free

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3€ Bremen Pass
Free entrance for first semester students and apprentices in the first year of training

Freedom fighter, public enemy, pacifist, terrorist, revolutionary, Jew – many descriptions for a woman who continues to polarise. In a dialogue with women from Bremen, Michael Rettig raises the question of who is hidden behind all these attributions: Who was this woman who had limped since her childhood, who sought her path with force – at the university, in the Social Democratic Party and in love? What makes her a controversial political figure until today? Where was Rosa Luxemburg wrong and in what respects is she still relevant today? And above all: Where to with her anger? No heroine worship is intended, but an attempt at understanding a contradictory and colourful personality who was eager for life.
With short input by Ulrike Hauffe (Landesbeauftragte Frauen), Cora Schwittling (Betriebsrätin Daimler Benz Bremen) and Miriam Strunge (Linke, MdBB)

Tanz   Magali Sander Fett
Schauspiel   Franziska Mencz
Flügelhorn   Kai Kowalewski
Live-Elektronik   Riccardo Castagnola
Klavier, Konzept, Regie   Michael Rettig

in Kooperation mit der Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen