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Bremer Lautsprecherorchester presents Polish Radio Experimental Studio


jazzahead! 2018 guest Poland


SAT 7 APRIL 8 pm + SUN 8 APRIL 7 pm

Das Bremer Lautsprecherorchester (BLO) presents
Polish Radio Experimental Studio (PRES)

12 EURO 7 EURO reduced

From 1957 to 1985, hundreds of remarkable compositions and musical works were created in the Polish Radio Experimental Studio Warsaw. In the frame of jazzahead!, REM presents a small selection of this stock on two evenings. They can also be heard via the Bremer Lautsprecherorchester that with its more than 150 loudspeakers is an attraction in the city.

On the first evening, tape pieces by E. Sikora, B. Schaeffer and E. Rudnik will be played, and the Polish jazz duo Masecki & Rogiewicz will “cover” electronic music live. Afterwards, the film “15 corners of the world”, E. Rudniks impressive film portrayal of Z. Solakiewicz and Z.G. Portnoy, will be screened.

On the second evening, the Lautsprecherorchester will play works by Mazurek, Sikora, Rudnik, and Knittel. KLANK and V.B. Schulze’s Bernsteinzimmer will “cover” more electronic music live, followed by a fascinating piano concert for live piano and the Lautsprecherorchester by K. GÅ‚owicka featuring the Bremer pianist Mireia Vendrell.