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Rapid Ear Movement / REM

›INSTABIL – Musik mit Feedback‹


FRI Oct 4 – SUN Oct 6

The third REM-Festival by the projektgruppe neue musik Bremen (pgnm) presents music, lectures, films, and performances with difficulties, feedback and autohemotherapy. Always feared, “feedbacks” are also sound generators. INSTABLY circling within and feeding themselves, and often predictable only to a limited degree, they turn performances into unrepeatable events.

With Thomas Ankersmit, Frieder Butzmann, dem Feedbackorchester, GlinggGlingg, Max Grau, Robin Hoffmann, Junko, Francisco Meirino, Mixed Sound Personnel, Marc Richter, Secluded Bronte, Tim Tetzner, Kinga Toth, Georges-Nicolas Wolff and many others

For tickets and further information check www.pgnm.de/rem