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MARX 2018

Phil Collins: ›marxism today (prologue)‹ & ›use! value! exchange!‹

Kurzfilme auf Deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln


TUE 6/5 / 6 p.m. + 9.30 pm

Joint price system 14/10/7 Euro, 3 Euro Bremen Pass
Tickethotline 520 80 70 oder ticket@schwankhalle.de

For his film montage ›marxism today (prologue)‹ (Germany, 2010, 35 min.), the British film artist Phil Collins interviewed teachers of Marxist-Leninist theory from the former GDR. The film brings persons generally considered losers of the radical political and social changes to the fore. The familiar and decidedly emphatic tone of the film conveys the impression of a past and yet present time. ›use! value! exchange!‹ (Germany, 2010, 21 min.) visualizes the process of a historical erasure. It shows a class in Marxist economy held by one of the four protagonists of ›marxism today (prologue).‹ Andrea Ferber, who used to teach at the elite Hochschule für Ökonomie Bruno Leuschner, returns to what is today the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik in Berlin-Karlshorst to give an introduction to Karl Marx’s ›Capital‹ stemming from her former lesson plan.