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Does perspective matter 30 Aug - 3 Nov 2019

Thematic focus for the Season Opening

Are racism and discrimination in Germany just a matter of opinion? No, they are irrefutable facts and experienced daily by, among others, People of Color, LSBTI or people with disabilities. Anyone who in the face of current events still calls “Nip it in the bud!” or wonders how it has come to an allegedly sudden lurch to the right in Europe hasn’t understood a thing. A change in perspective can help the alerted majority population become aware of their own mechanisms of repression and privileges. Therefore, we clear the stage in the frame of our season opening for the empowerment of people who have experienced discrimination, for a critical self-questioning and a look at German history.

8/30 + 8/31

LIVE: STGambianDream (HipHop) 8/31 10 p.m.
8/30 – 9/7
Magda Korsinsky ›Stricken‹

Installation (DE with engl. Script)
9/5 + 9/6 / 8 p.m.
Turbo Pascal ›Böse Häuser‹
9/5 /7 p.m.
Inauguration Mobiler Memorial Laye Condé
Free admission
9/7 / 7 p.m.
›Kulturkampf von rechts‹
Discussion (in German language) / Free admission
9/10 / 7.30 p.m.
Bremer Verbrecherversammlung ›Triggerwarnung‹
Lecture (in German Language)
9/12 / 9 p.m.
Gianni Mae
Concert / Support Sarah4K
9/20 + 9/21 8 p.m. + 9/22 7 p.m.
MbeneM.Mwambene ›TheWhispers‹
Performance (EN)
10/10 / 9 p.m.
Adir Jan
Concert Aftershow DJ-Set with Ehrenfrauen
10/12 8 p.m. + 10/13  7 p.m.
Icanbeyourtranslator ›DasKonzeptbinich‹
10/13 5 p.m.
›Die Neustadt unterm Hakenkreuz‹
Guided Tour / Free admission
10/29 – 11/3
KLANK ›Les espaces de Thomas Harlan - Vol I‹
10/31 7 p.m.
›Nadia Lichtig – Blank Spots‹
Performance (EN)