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Oliver Zahn & Julian Warner

Situation mit Doppelgänger


FRI 10. + SAT 11. MARCH 2017
8 pm
old hall

03/10 followed by a discussion with the audience

At the Video Music Awards 2013, the white pop starlet Miley Cyrus danced a so-called twerking choreography alongside her African-American dancers. The rhythmic shaking and pornographic exposure of the butt to bass-heavy beats triggered a wave of outrage, while at the same time familiarising a mass audience with twerking.

In “Situation mit Doppelgänger”, the director Oliver Zahn and the cultural anthropologist Julian Warner aka HAUPTAKTION examine the appropriation and marketing of black and other minority forms of dance going back to the time of the minstrel shows of the 19th century. What meanings do dances convey? Do they belong to someone, and who is allowed to dance them in the first place?

A performative essay with and about dance dealing with the potential of popularisation and the construction of authenticity. The guest performance marks the start of a four-week residency during which a 24-hour Afro-pessimistic performance will take place.

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3€ Bremen Pass
Free entrance for first semester students and apprentices in the first year of training
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By and with  Julian Warner, Oliver Zahn
Voice   Tinka Kleffner
Dance coaching   Quindell Orton
Sound   Udo Terlisten, Matthias Schaaf
Lightning  Fabian Eichner
Technical Design   Jonaid Khodabakhshi/Dennis Kopp
Production management   Hannah Saar
Assistance   Sara Tamburini

A production by HAUPTAKTION with the Theaterakademie August Everding and the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, in co-operation with the Ballhaus Ost Berlin.