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›Die Berufung – Ein Teaser‹


WED Nov 6 / 8.30 p.m.

Admission on donation basis

In the Schwankhalle, Markus&Markus are working on their new piece on the theme of do-gooders and now present a teaser in the frame of the Utopia Filmfestival: ›Nobody wants to hear good news. And being a good person has become something like an insult. Goodness is a stigmatized concept. But who, if not we, is to address something that is so uncool? We want to make those fighting for human rights and the protection of minorities visible - something that Germany also has to offer. We need to muster the courage for utopias again. We must dare to take back the words or posit new ones. We reclaim the concept of goodness. We do not accept it as an insult.‹