sch wa nk hal le

Mieko Suzuki & Sabine Ercklentz


SAT July 4 / 8 p.m.

The bridge between the calm ›Exit‹ and the farewell jamboree is built by the composer and trumpet player Sabine Ercklentz and the DJ, sound artist and music curator Mieko Suzuki from Berlin. Along with Andrea Neumann, they form the Contagious trio whose first album ›Contagious‹ was released in November 2019 by Morphine Records. In Bremen, Suzuki and Ercklentz perform as a duo. In their improvised electroacoustic live set, they make use of compositional logics and futuristic structures, with grooves imploding to noise fragments and slowly but surely transforming into deep states of trance.

Afterwards farewell party in the foyer
After five years of serving as the artistic director of the Schwankhalle, Pirkko Husemann says good-bye to her colleagues, artists and the Bremer audience. We turn off the last light for her, but the emergency lighting will, of course, be kept on. For on the next day, the show will go on, and the next season is also just around the corner!