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Ebow // Support: Mau Mushi

Concert - Catching-up date

FRI October 9 / 9 p.m.

On ›K4L‹ (›Kanak 4 Life‹), Ebow’s new studio album, everything revolves around the community, not the ego which is so often overrepresented in rap. For Ebow, identity can be found in the family, the circle of friends, the queer community, or in the experiences of migration. Their album starts with the Kurdish poem Eren (›Skit‹) written in Zazaki and ends with the feminist banger ›Schmeck mein Blut‹ (Taste my Blood). In between, there’s old school, new school, battle rap, and R’n’B. The range of Ebow’s lyrics is equally broad, from diary entry to political pamphlet. Ebow’s message is provocative and political. Performing solo or as a member of the Gaddafi Gals, she raps against sexism, racism and homophobia, and for an open, solidary and equal society.

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