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Tina Havers, Rotraud Kern, Magali Sander Fett

CORPUS ­ Raum zwischen Erinnerung


THU 24. SEPTEMBER - Premiere - 
6:30 PM

FRI to SUN 25. - 27. SEPTEMBER
6:30 PM
50 min.

14€, reduced 9€

Atention - External Venue
Koch & Bergfeld, Kirchweg 200, 28201 Bremen

The dance finds the space. The formlessness of space is now formed, it suddenly becomes a body: in the hands caressing the air, in the space gliding through the fingers, in the measured strides or the swaying hips.
(Max Bense, Raum und Tanz [Space and Dance], 1934)

What remains when a space loses its purpose? When it is cleared, locked and becomes apparently useless? The Alte Korpuswerkstatt of the Bremer silverware manufactory Koch & Bergfeld is empty – nobody has been working there for quite a long time. And yet, something seems to linger, a thought, a memory, an afterimage that has burned itself into the present and is waiting for us to open the doors. 
Three performers encounter the disturbing timelessness of the space by exploring it with seismographic sensitivity. In their site-specific performance, movement, gaze, (live) video documentation and sound installation are combined to an idea of the Korpuswerkstatt that condenses only in the direct and shared experience of the fleeting presence. 
In addition to their corporeal-sensory engagement with the space, Tina Havers, Magali Sander Fett and Rotraud Kern build their site-specific work upon audio-visual field recordings, historical fragments and participatory observation in the present-day production sites of the traditional handicraft business. In the confrontation between one’s own memory and the memory of others, between fact and imagination, a new access is provided to a space that has long been forgotten. 

Choreographie und Tanz: Tina Havers, Magali Sander Fett, Rotraud Kern
Sounddesign: Peter Knight
Videokonzept: Thorsten Bauer
Gefördert durch Senator für Kultur Bremen, Waldemar Koch Stiftung, Zwischen Zeit Zentrale Bremen, Bundesministerium Österreich
Unterstützt von Schwankhalle Bremen, Koch & Bergfeld, Urbanscreen