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CHICKS* performance collective with girls* und women* from Bremen

Gierige CHICKS* - Feminism? Gönn dir!

Performance Showing

FRI 26 + SAT 27 MAY 2017   7pm
Alter Saal

May 26 followed by audience talk

Free entrance

“We have acquired them in a perfect way, the everyday rituals that make us good girls: we comb our hair, smile nicely, eat small bites, listen attentively, nod and smile, show understanding, behave well, don’t ask for too much. But we want more! We follow our craving! We exaggerate! We also get dangerous! We are monstrous!”
Die Chicks* ask themselves, what it means to be a girl* and woman* in our society, and venture a thought experiment: What if the attributions “girl” or “woman” did not exist?

A Cooperation of Schwankhalle Bremen with thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor and Gewitterziegen e.V.
Funded by ›Wege ins Theater!‹, programm ASSITEJ in the frame of ›Kultur macht stark! Bündnisse für Bildung‹.