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Tomas Bünger & TanzKollektivBremen



FRI 15.9.2017   8pm
SAT 16.9.   8pm / Audience talk
SUN 17.9.   7pm

Solidarisches Preisystem
14/10/7 EURO, 3 EURO Bremen Pass

What does dance have to do with the fact that I am standing here today? For many dancers, migration is an occupational principle of life, since they are used to working with the most various people at all different places. Being foreign therefore belongs to their daily lives. For many other people, though, leaving their homeland is the only escape from distress. In ›Fremd.sein‹, a contemporary dancer from Brazil with German roots, an urban dancer from a Syrian family, and a break-dancer who fled from Gambia in 2014 set off on a journey, relate personal stories, and explore their own paths in life.

Gefördert durch den Senator für Kultur Bremen.
Unterstützt von der Waldemar Koch Stiftung.