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Anachronism 9 227 465

Concert series

WED Feb 12 / 9 p.m. 

5 EURO (Box office only)

± Kasimir
... Follow the sound. Put different languages/voices together. Seek the vocals. Breath. Rhythm. In my music I merge different languages and sounds. Some find me. But I often look for them and record them. Some come from the films that accompany my life and are important to me.

± Laure Boer
... combines the expected and the unexpected. As much music as ritual, performance as spell, Boer fittingly describes her sound as ‘witchtronic’. Out of sonic abstraction emerges a system of beat, chirrup and hum, then from nowhere a voice, singing or reciting in her native French. Coming from a musical family (her mother and father were opera singer and choir director, respectively), she directs her instruments–a sprawling table full of small wooden utensils, clattering metallic objects, and stringed artefacts–to perform, pushing them into strange shapes, odd contortions, and sometimes startling beauty.

... is the solo project of the Polish, Berlin based musician Michał Krajczok. It is improvised electronic music made with a modular synthesizer, a small setup based on one oscillator, a few sampler modules and the bass drum. The improvisation is evolving very quickly, with fast pattern progression, interaction and shifting both in rhythmical and melodic terms. It is a rather loud and saturated,
fast and chaotic music project.

... dronish, experimental and ambient pieces in between.
A DJ project by Andreas Becker.

Erratic music and places. Chronologically inconsistent in regard to persons, objects and genres. Conceptually over the edge and idealistic to some extent. Founded in 2015 aboard Hamburg’s MS Stubnitz and present at alternating locations in Bremen since 2016, the noise program offers forms of musical detonation.

Further information at www.anachronism.de