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Anachronism 3 524 578

Concert Series

WED Sep 11 / 9 p.m.

Tickets: 5 EURO (Box office only)

± Halber Ball
... will showcase a set of percussive synthesizer experiments. Established in 2018, it specializes in freely oscillating, polyrhythmic club music. Prepare for an array of big funny buttons being pushed.

± Getöseföhn / Rica Zinn
Clank through smoky high seas with still air somewhere far out. On the way to the sun searching for the sensation of total destruction.
With elements of jazz, noise, drone, shoegaze, techno, orange juice

± gruen brklb tojins
Authoritarian ruinism, the phenomenon is not new.
This is because some of the psychopopulation had a childhood marked by authoritarian repression of their own selves. Even a human wrote in the eighteenth century of the spirit that had penetrated into nature as the knife in the marrow of a tree. It meant abstract thinking that displaces the empathic perceptions. The fight against competition, profit, and domination, and all that drives us into inhumanity, is a lasting one that will never end. It is important to stay in combat.

Erratic music and places. Chronologically inconsistent in regard to persons, objects and genres. Conceptually over the edge and idealistic to some extent. Founded in 2015 aboard Hamburg’s MS Stubnitz and present at alternating locations in Bremen since 2016, the noise program offers forms of musical detonation.