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Kristina Veit

Kristina Veit completed her diploma in 2002 as a stage dancer at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt . Since 2001 she has worked at theaters in Austria and Switzerland with choreographers such as Robert Poole, Philipp Egli, Anna Huber and Rui Horta. With her first own works she left the established theater houses and worked as a freelancer with companies like Manopy in Denmark, Cobosmika in Barcelona, ​​the dance festival Montevideo Sitiada in Uruguay and various choreographers from the international scene. Since 2009, she has been based in Frankfurt and works as a freelance artist in the independent German and inter national space.
Numerous collaborations arose with artists such as Anthony Rizzi, Celestine Hennermann, Philipp Busmann, Raman Zaya, Norbert Pape, the Michael Douglas Collectiv, Pierre-Yves Diacon, Ksenia Ravvina among others. She is a board member and founder of ID_Frankfurt e.V and since 2012, she manages the Z Zentrum für Proben und Forschung.

ROCKINSONG 29.+ 30. Januar 2016