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T.BK, Plusphemy, Breaklab, Tommy Toothpick

ANACHRONISM 24 157 817

Concerts / DJ Set from 8 P.M.

WED 06/09
DJ-Set from 8 P.M.

Concerts starting from 9 P.M.

Erratic music and places. Chronologically inconsistent in regard to persons, objects and genres. Conceptually over the edge and idealistic to some extent. Founded in 2015 aboard Hamburg’s MS Stubnitz and present at alternating locations in Bremen since 2016, the noise program offers forms of musical detonation.
More info at: www.anachronism.de

Line-up 06/09

an abstract dialogue with a former self about tetraeders and the sun.
About our electrified and digitalized Mechanical Age. About Arno Gruen and transhumanism out of thin air. 
About sound money and the fact, that we all will be millionaires soon. http://breaklab.de

Tommy Toothpick
live recorded raw sounds sliced and diced into a juicy jumble, seasoned to taste with sequences of fresh flavoured images. No preservatives or presets added. https://soundcloud.com/tommy_toothpick

T.BK (DTKO/p.ara)
influenced by the hardcore continuum and traditional dub techniques the sound of t.bk revolves around reverbarting basslines, crispy percussions and distorted echochambers. https://soundcloud.com/t-bk

hardcore techno from Hanover https://plusphemy.bandcamp.com


No reservations/registration. Only box office from 8 P.M.
PLEASE NOTE: With a proof of a current negative rapid test/citizen test, a Covid19 vaccination or survived illness you will receive a place card. You can also bring your own rapid self test and have it done on site.