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Paul Michael von Ganski, Munk Engelund & Komplize



WED 07/14  7 p.m.
Cancelled due to weather conditions

External venue: Kukoon am Wall

Free admission

Die Konzertreihe ›Anachronism‹ ist eine Plattform für Formen der musikalischen Ausuferung, inkonsistent kuratiert, mit drei bis vier Projekten pro Abend. Sie reichen von Improvisation bis zu konzeptueller Klangkunst, von experimentellen Klängen und fluiden Soundstrukturen bis Noise-Geballer.

Paul Michael von Ganski
... is a musician, DJ, blogger and sound artist. As a DJ, his spectrum ranges from samba music of the 30s to house and footwork. On his blog he presents classical records from the mono era. For his live performances, Paul Michael von Ganski uses prepared turntables and modular synthesizers.

Munk Engelund
... installing a long lost floppy disk has been the climax of the search since many a days. The result was devastatingly disappointing and instead of just forgetting about the whole thing, it has become a frantic obsession to recreate what was lost and cannot be retrieved. Bear witness to yet another attempt surely to fail.


Komplize DJ Set


NOTE: Please follow the guidelines on site for a safe experience for everyone. More details will be posted here as soon as available.