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We are committed to continuously improve accessibility at our events and to make existing barriers transparent. We are thankful for feedback from our visitors and welcome your contacting us with suggestions for improvement or questions. Please contact our ticket hotline by phone + 49 421 520 80 70 (MON, WED – FRI 10 am. to 2 pm., also answering machine) or via email to mail@schwankhalle.de.


The Schwankhalle is ›accessible‹ (pursuant to DIN 18040-01), this applies to the entrances to the foyer, the Alte and Neue Saal and the sanitary facilities.

All event spaces of the Schwankhalle are at ground level and accessible without steps.

The front entrance door to the foyer opens automatically after being briefly pulled (front door width: 96 cm). Unfortunately, the back entrance door from Peter Zadek Platz to the foyer does not open automatically (back door width: 100cm).

In individual cases, both halls in the building as well as external venues may not be freely accessible for stage-related, technical reasons. We seek to indicate this accordingly.

Detailed information on the accessibility of our spaces can be found here.


Tickets & Seat Reservations

Please preferably use our Online Ticket Sale. You can also buy tickets at all Nordwest-Ticket Reservation Offices. Remaining tickets (if available) can be purchased at the box office starting one hour before the event begins. If you don’t have the possibility of using our advance sale, please call us to reserve a ticket.

In the case of regular seating, we usually guarantee two wheelchair places. Depending on their availability, they can be reserved or selected as a ticket category at the online shop or the box office.

In the Schwankhalle, there is always free seating. Should you require certain seats, please talk to our evening staff.

If the stage design allows it, we offer beanbags as alternative seats. Depending on their availability, they can be reserved in advance by phone.

If you are dependent on an accompanying person during your visit, this person will receive a free ticket, if desired. Via the online ticket sale, they can be reserved along with the wheelchair places free of charge. With all other seats, we ask you to contact us by phone in advance to reserve a seat for your accompanying person.

We ask you to arrive 30 minutes before the event begins at the latest, to ensure smooth check-in and admission. Admission is not possible after the show has started.

Please turn to our evening staff, if you have special needs or require our support.

In case of questions or technical problems, please contact our ticket hotline: MON, WED – FRI 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tel + 49 421 520 80 70 (also answering machine) or ticket@schwankhalle.de


Information on the Accessibility of our Events

We make every effort to provide specific information on the accessibility of every event—they can be found at the bottom of the respective event pages. The information provided is on the seating possibilities in the halls, special sensory stimuli (e.g., light and sound effects, stage smoke) as well as possible thematic triggers. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you do not find all the information you need.


Relaxed Performance

Some of our events take place as ›relaxed performances.‹ They are meant to create a more relaxed atmosphere in the theater hall and reduce barriers emerging through theater conventions. During relaxed performances, we usually offer several alternative seating possibilities (beanbags) and provide better lighting in the auditorium. The audience can leave and reenter the auditorium at any time during the event—nobody has to ›sit still‹ for the entire duration of the event. Vocal utterances are also no disturbances at relaxed performances. If the performance permits, we offer the opportunity to take a seat in the auditorium early. Usually, productions are offered as relaxed performances that have few barriers in thematic and sensory terms. We seek to communicate existing sensory stimuli and possible triggers as transparently as possible.


Audio Description and Haptic Tours

For selected performances, we offer audio descriptions for blind persons and persons with visual impairments. They are usually combined with a haptic tour allowing the visitors to experience the space, the performers, the costumes and objects of the performance through touching and their own movements.