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Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

How to Greet Like a Jamaican: Step 1

1:1 Performance

in German and English
Duration 15 minutes

THU 10/11 + FRI 10/12 4 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
SAT 10/13 + SUN 10/14 12 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Start every 15 minutes.
The meeting point will be announced when registering.
Registration and information at ticket@schwankhalle.de oder 0421 5208070

›How to Greet Like a Jamaican: Step 1‹ is the attempt at treating strangers like family. Thanks to his personal immigration background – from Jamaica via the United States to Germany – Zwoisy Mears-Clarke became a choreographer of encounters. He asks: 'What prevents us from encountering each other the way we are?'

Inspired by social practices physically and psychologically inscribed onto the artist while growing up in Jamaica, Zwoisy invites the audience to share a memory from their childhood. The one-to-one performance in the dark uses the body to explore how a relationship can be established, suggested, defined and reinforced. The feeling of security is guaranteed!  

3 Questions to Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

In cooperation with the queerfilm festival.
Special thanks to Swissotel Bremen.
Coproduction with Sophiensaele, Tanztage Berlin 2015.